As the World’s First Cross Supply Chain Orchestrator® it is TRI-VIZOR’s mission to offer specialized knowledge and solutions to prepare, create, support and orchestrate flow bundling and horizontal partnerships in transport and logistics.

TRI-VIZOR was founded in Belgium on the 18th of November 2008 by three partners Alex Van Breedam, Sven Verstrepen and Bart Vannieuwenhuyse, originally as a spin-off company of the University of Antwerp. Since 2016, Alex Van Breedam and Bart Vannieuwenhuyse are the  company owners.


Alex Van Breedam
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Bart Vannieuwenhuyse
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In 2009, the famous Third-Party Logistics Study of Capgemini and PennState University mentions TRI-VIZOR as pioneer in horizontal collaboration. TRI-VIZOR wins his first award in 2010, the Air Chase Competition, for creating joint warehousing for a chocolates producer and a candy distributor.

April the 24th 2011 is another milestone in TRI-VIZOR´s history. That day TRI-VIZOR launched the world’s first orchestrated consolidation project with two shippers, UCB an BAXTER. Since, its base line World’s First Cross Supply Chain Orchestrator® was a fact. For this project, TRI-VIZOR was awarded European Supply Chain Innovation Prize in Berlin in 2011 (World Trade Group). That same year, the Belgian Employers Organization (VBO-FEB), elected TRI-VIZOR as Belgium’s most sustainable company. Subsequently, in 2012, TRI-VIZOR became spin-off company of the year.


In 2013 TRI-VIZOR played a key role in National Geographic’s documentary Behind the Science – Eco-economy. That same year, TRI-VIZOR was also rewarded with the Short Sea Shipping Award for the setup of a short sea corridor between Belgium and Spain in order to combine and consolidate the flows of the companies Ontex, Etex, Baxter and Colruyt.

Three major awards have characterized 2014: the CO³, the Supply Chain Award and the European Gold Medal in Logistics and Supply Chain award. The CO³ Prize was awarded for the ground breaking warehousing and transport consolidation project with Pepsico and Nestlé . This same project was granted with the Prize of the Audience of the Supply Chain Award, organized by VIB – The Belgian Procurement and Logistics Association.  Finally, the ELA-European Logistics Association elected Alex Van Breedam as the European Logistics and Supply Chain Professional of the year.

The ELA-European Logistics Association emphasized the importance of the Pepsico-Nestlé consolidation project for European logistics by selecting it as the European Project of 2015. At the end of 2015, TRI-VIZOR sold its innovative Collaborative Control Tower to Ahlers (www.ahlers.com), as a result of a clear strategic choice to focus on its roles of architect and trustee. That same year, the leading Flemisch newspaper De Standaard and the Sociale Innovatiefabriek have chosen TRI-VIZOR as one of the ten most important Radicale Vernieuwers (Disruptive Innovators) of today’s society.

2016 corresponds is the start of TRI-VIZOR 2.0, with a much stronger strategic focus on its role of architect and trustee.